We believe that a well-designed identity will instantly identify a business. Our logos are a succinct and efficient way of communicating information about products and services. A logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make. Furthermore a logo is the basis for all future marketing endeavours o. An identity is an important part of your company’s brand, and makes a significant impact on a company’s public perception. We know that customers form an opinion about a company within seconds. Based on this believe a well-designed logo is an easy way to convey to potential customers that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services. We chose visuals and imagery appropriate for your company to avoid any discrepancies or confusion. We ensure that your logo delivers the correct message about your company. When we create a logo, we follow a process that ensures the final design meets the needs of our client’s brands. The first step needed is a design brief. We can take part in this process or sometimes our clients will provide a brief. We believe this first step is essential to understanding the needs and aims of the project. view projects 

polperro wines and even keel logo on business card


Our design team will then proceed to conducting research. This includes looking at your competitors and market leaders in your industry. We will also investigate current styles and trends. These initial planning phases will lead to the execution of the design. Our team starts with conceptualising and sketching designs. Leading to the development of usually 2-3 concepts. These concepts are presented to the client. Our presentations will include in situ mock ups, which will show you how the logo could be applied. This methodology will give you a very clear idea how the logo would work on different media. We discuss the designs with the client and consider feedback. Leading to the design of the final logo. view projects 


elise bakery logo on business card
restora health logo embossed on business card stack
Stamp showing from basque with love stamp on paper
of kin kylie lewis logo on business card
signage design with ag construct logo
kick a football cap merchandise design
blue paper with spirit queen logo
crackle corn business card
denfair furniture design fair logo on stationary set
speedlink logo on light box

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