Brand Development

To build or refresh your brand is a challenge, but worthwhile investment. Branding is an important way to give your business an identity. We think it is how your customers recognise, experience your product or service and become an advocate for your business. At P2S we believe a strong brand reflects what your business is all about. This is both internally, within your team, and externally to the public. A brand with structure, skilful execution and strong character will communicate, at a glance, the unique quality of who you are, what you do, why you do it and what worth you provide customers. Plug2studio is here to help translate and define all the blood, sweat and tears behind your business, into one succinct brand.


Brand Strategy

When we talk about defining what a brand is, we often talk about what makes a brand impactful for a business. This means stronger ROI, an aligned leadership, a more engaged workplace, etc. And when we discuss impact – whether it’s from a brand refresh, a new positioning, a great campaign, or just further brand engagement – that’s where we see the brand really working. That’s where we see it living and doing its job.  An important part of  the design process is discovery and strategy. In these first steps of the process we spend time to get to know you and you might learn a thing or two about yourself as well. This includes looking at your competitors and market leaders in your industry. We believe that a well-designed identity will instantly identify a business.

Brand roll out

polperro wine bottles label group of six
man on bicycle logo on street signage
Stamp showing from basque with love stamp on paper
of kin kylie lewis logo on business card
signage design with ag construct logo
denfair furniture design fair logo on stationary set
asia pacific contemporary logo on business card

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