Our studio was involved in rebranding, packaging design and web design for the brand From Basque with Love. From Basque with Love was started with the dream to handcraft delicious, natural, healthy and easy to prepare meals for every pantry in Australia. The boutique food label produces a selection of products that are easy to use and only require water to be made. From Basque gathers the highest quality raw grains, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices, mixes the tastiest combinations in small batches and package and label them by hand with love. Our concept for the brand and packaging is based on the heritage of the brand. The creator Susanna Corcoba was born in the Basque country in Spain. The flavours she creates are reminiscent of her upbringing and the food culture of her home country. The logo and food labels are designed to remind of a stamp on a letter.

5 from basque with product packages


The colourful edges around the packaging labels are based on an old-fashioned international mail envelope. We designed a brand narrative that speaks of flavours and nurturing. Our packaging design is minimal, simple, transparent and honest. With no big fancy boxes, unnecessary waste is avoided. Leading to a very sustainable packaging approach. Although simple the packaging is highly effective, as it exposes the product and gives a good sense of how packed with flavour the product is.

hand holding from basque with love tote


We designed an e-commerce website for from Basque to allow the business to sell the product online. We ensured the website is easy to use with a simple check out process. The website includes a bog, which the site owner uses to share recipes and cooking events. We also include a listing of local markets.

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