At plug2studio we were involved in creating the Botica brand including all aspects of their branding. Our work included identity design, naming, interior café concept. We also designed the website and all print related tasks. Including signage, merchandise, menus etc. Botica is an Espresso bar located at the Emporium shopping complex in the Melbourne CBD. Botica takes its name from the Spanish word “Botica” meaning: Antique Chemist, where all sorts of elixirs were prepared to promote health and vitality. Inspired by this notion Botica brings together the authentic taste of carefully crafted coffee. Botica serves a selection of gourmet style breakfasts and lunch dishes in an interior surrounded by old charm and science. The Botica brand is a great example of how successful branding consistently carried through all aspects of a business.

botica cafe branded chopping board


Setting up a café entailed a number of print design related tasks to complete. From the café signage over menus to branded merchandise as for example serving boards, take away coffee cups and packaging. Part of the branding was the development of a set of versatile icons supporting the brand identity. These additional graphics can be used to support the brand and develop a visual language that is instantly recognisable belonging to or being the Botica brand. A consistent branding throughout all print collateral also established a business that can potentially be franchised.

botica cafe branded chopping boards
take away cup with botica cafe logo
water bottle and mint with botica cafe logo
hand holding botica cafe branded paper bag

Web design

The aim of the web site was to create an online presence to further establish the Botica brand and communicate to users that the café offers high quality healthy food and delicious handcrafted coffee. The website relies heavily on the images, which were also created by the plug2studio team.

botica cafe bircher muesli in bowl with flowers


The team was involved in capturing the café’s food offerings. The shoot included food styling as well as the photography. The aim was to create images that in an instant communicate the quality of Botica’s modern cuisine.