Plug2studio worked on rebranding AG Construct. Once we established the new brand we assisted in rolling it out both in digital and print. We created a strong brand for AG Construct, that reflects on the growth of the business. AG  Construct is a dynamic construction group, an apartment builder at the forefront of facilitating innovative developments in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Ag construct holds unlimited residential and commercial construction licences. Our rebranding focused on creating a brand that clearly communicates AG Construct’s understanding of design and quality building.

ag construct letter head design

Brand Strategy

Our new brand communicates, at a glance, the unique quality of who AG construct is, what they do, why they do it and what worth they provide customers. Plug2studio translated and defined all the blood, sweat and tears behind the business, into one succinct brand. That’s where we see it living and doing it’s job. We believe this is achieved by a consisted communication through design and imagery.

ag construct's web page design on mac computer and i phone

Web Design / Social

The website was designed to inform the target audience of architects, developers and end consumers about AG’s work ethic and philosophy. Furthermore the website functions as portfolio of completed projects Our team took time to understand AG construct’s needs and designed a -User Experience- around those needs. The aim was to ensure that busy project managers and architects can easily source all information they need. Our team also helped AG construct to establish a consistent brand messaging on their preferred social media channel Instagram. We grew they following organically and connected with relevant users only.

architectural photograph by plug2studio for ag construct


Having evocative and beautiful images is crucial to building the AG brand. An image can communicate in a second what would have taken a full page. We focused on creating images that help communicating what ag is all about. We capture tradesmen at work and the construction process. The plug2studio team also ensures the work behind the scenes is shown. This is by capturing the leadership and admin teams. We believe it’s all about the right angle. We chose to support the brand story by capturing beautiful architectural detail. Further by taking images of the people at work. Showing how committed they are to what to what they do.

photography of construction pipes

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