Our studio was heavily involved in creating the brand DENFAIR. Which is an annual event co created by plug2studio’s director Claudio Oyarce. DENFAIR brings designers, architects, stylists and property professionals to Melbourne for a first look at the products and ideas shaping the spaces they love.  Denfair’s carefully curated approach ensures an exhibition full of original, inventive design.  More than an exhibition, the event is a forum for inspired conversation. Our passion for design, lead to creating a design driven internationally recognized design event. This is why this outstanding brand is very close to our hearts. Our studio was involved over 6 consecutive years in branding, web design and photography for the fair. The proportions of the DENFAIR logotype have been carefully considered. We designed the DENFAIR logotype as a core element identifying the brand. The consistency of usage is therefore essential. Our logotype is always presented as monochromatic. Black on white or white on black. A simple and modern brand appeal was essential to allow the represented brands to shine under the Denfair umbrella. Our design needed to appeal to designers, architects and design enthusiasts alike.

denfair furniture fair web desing mock up on mac and mac book pro


Our Denfair website has a clean and modern user interface ensuring visitors can access information easily. Our design is minimal and sophisticated ensuring it is in line with the high-end appeal of the event it represents. The website has an extensive brand directory and blog. In addition some complex functionalities were implemented including booking and e-commerce functionalities.


Being a trade fair held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre there is a plethora of print collateral needed during the event. Part of our contributions to print materials are signage, show guides, flyers. Additionally some way finding and information design tasks need implementation.


Our documentation of the fair both in video and still image is crucial for the promotion of Denfair. We created videos of the event for sponsors and exhibitors. Our lifestyle photography is used to capture the event, stand designs and audience.