Plug2studio created a brand including photography and website for our client Giving Kids. Giving Kids promotes social thinking in children. The company is doing this by encouraging children and parents to donate the value of their birthday presents to charity. Founded by a Melbourne mum, Giving Kids is based on a belief that children should be encouraged to value life, not things. Our children need our time and attention more than anything. This attention is getting harder to give with more parents working hard to maintain material based lifestyles. Giving Kids believes in quality of life not quantity of things.


We developed a simple font based identity that is playful in its colour application. Resulting in a logo appealing to both adults and children. Leading to an overall playful and yet sophisticated and modern brand appeal. Aim was to be able to apply the brand to merchandise in a subtle way allowing the product to be more than merchandise but appealing in their own sense. The main application for the identity was its application on the website. The branding was carried through the design in it’s use of colours and fonts. The website is designed to collect donations and send out electronic birthday invitations.


Our studio was engaged in capturing images to support the brand story. We created a number of black and white shots of young children to allow the target audience to identify with the brand. Aiming at creating evocative images that speak of a happy childhood.

Social Media Management

We provided a number of social media tiles to help introducing the brand on social media. The tiles use the overall visual language, icons and imagery developed for the brand.