Plug2studio created and identity, brand and website for our client howgroup. howgroup specialises in providing furniture solutions across workplace, education, hospitality and aged care sectors and delivers projects Australia-wide. howgroup creates spaces that are beautiful, functional and comfortable by offering tailored, innovative solutions across a multitude of commercial sectors. From floor to ceiling, and wall-to-wall, their product range offers endless options. howgroup is there to support their clients as their needs evolve.


We started our relationship with howgroup by creating a new identity for the company. Developing the identity was a first step in establishing a branding for howgroup that clearly communicates their experience and expertise. The new brand was developed with a clear goal in mind through a thorough target audience analysis. We worked on a marketing plan with howgroup that helped their team to have a clear understanding of their brand. This understanding developed into a brand culture that the team could clearly communicate to their customers adding confidence to their sales.

Web design

The website is a great example for the benefits of thorough planning. Our team took time to understand the clients needs and designed a User Experience around those needs. The aim was to ensure that busy project managers and architects (howgroup’s target audience) can easily source all the product information they need. This website project was completed within a couple of month and launched smoothly. Learn more about our Web Design approach.