We created an identity, brand and website for Kick A Football. Kick A football is a soccer program for children aged 7-10. Our brief was to create a brand with a sense of community and an association to Italy. Our client was also interested in ensuring the identity can be easily used to establish the brand. We made sure the logo could be easily applied to all staff uniforms and other merchandise. We focused on creating a brand that appeals to parents and children alike. Or design needed to communicate at a glance what the business is about. It was also important to us to ensure the brand is modern and recognisable. This would ensure it’s franchising potential moving forward.

kick a football cap merchandise design

Web Design

Our website has a clean and modern user interface ensuring visitors can access information easily. Thorough planning is crucial to creating functional and beautiful websites. Before we start designing our websites we take time to understand the client’s overall business and business strategy and we ensure digital marketing is aligned with these goals. The design was well planned and offers a smooth User Experience. The website was built on wordpress, which is our preferred web platform. We especially focused on creating info graphic icons. These support the easy navigation of the website. Our icon designs also enhance the brand direction and consistency within the design.

kick a football jumper merchandise design


Due to budget restrictions we couldn’t engage our photography team for this project. However this website is a great example for how stock images can be used in a very effective way if chosen well. Our choice of imagery is crucial to the success of any collateral either print or digital. We have the knowledge and creative know how to chose images that are evocative and engage viewers. We do believe that original images are the best choice for any business. We think stock images are an amazing resource, if the right choice is made.

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