Annual Reports

The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in Melbourne has been one of our valued clients for over 8 years. The VIFM was established after a long and persistent campaign to create an organisation dedicated to providing reliable forensic services of the highest quality to the Victorian justice system and community. The VIFM has continued to attract people who are dedicated to their particular fields of expertise and who are committed to making a positive contribution to the health and safety of the community. Recently the VIFM has gone through a rebranding and also a major website redevelopment. Plug2studio assisted with strategic planning and design for the website in addition to a number of print related projects. Plug2studio also assists the Institute annually with the design of their annual report including print management.

Website Design

The redevelopment of the website was a major project and was successfully completed through thorough planning from early stages on. Content heavy websites need to be planned well before design and development can start. It is important for large websites to have a plan in place to determine the functionalities needed to ensure a relevant and positive user experience. Plug2studio assisted the VIFM with this process leading to a well designed website.


Throughout the years plug2studio has facilitated images for the Annual Report and other printed or digital communications of the institute. Our approach to photography is to create modern and contemporary images that will allow you to be used in versatile contexts throughout all your communications. For the VIFM we captured staff members both in work and group settings. We also photographed equipment and captured lifestyle like photos during events.


Plug2studio created a number of print related designs as for example Capability Statements, brochures and Annual Reports. The aim here is to create documents that are clearly structured and allow for the reader to access information and data easily. Working with the Forensic institute of Melbourne especially demands the creation of information design graphics to show statistics intrinsically linked with Annual reports.