Using our services will ensure a brand with structure, skillful execution and strong character that communicates at a glance,the unique quality of who you are, what you do, why you do it and what worth you provide customers.


Creating a positive user experience (UX design) that is worthwhile your return on investment is at the heart of how we work at p2s. Achieving this goal is built on three crucial steps of the design process. These are strategic planning, design and development. The completion and engagement with each of these pillars of our process ensure we deliver websites on time and budget. Our preferred website platform is WordPress. WordPress is an open source platform which means millions of developers improve it’s functionalities literally every second of the day. WordPress sites are highly flexible and customizable. Leading to cost effective, effortlessly to maintain and easy to use websites. more info

Digital Strategy

Your Digital Strategy includes a plan of how you represent your brand online. We believe there are number of essential components to this task that form a great base for a successful online marketing. Once we develop a thorough understanding of your project, audience and objectives we formulate the right digital strategy for you. Of cause there is always more you can do, but we are all about making marketing accessible to busy business owners and we like to make the task achievable both time and budget wise. view projects


To build or refresh your brand is a challenge, but worthwhile investment. Branding is an important way to give your business an identity, it is how your customers recognize, experience your product or service and become an advocate for your business. A strong brand reflects what your business is all about, both internally, within your team, and externally to the public. A brand with structure, skillful execution and strong character will communicate, at a glance, the unique quality of who you are, what you do, why you do it and what worth you provide customers. P2S is here to help translate and define all the blood, sweat and tears behind your business, into one succinct brand. more information


We love designing print, the pleasures of choosing the right fonts, stock and finish and being able to touch and feel what you designed. The team knows digital drives the market place, but marketing still needs print. To have the tangible expression of print communication complement your digital marketing can be a great change. We love doing print design and offer everything print from business cards over brochures, annual reports to books and packaging. We have long-term relationships with fantastic printers that ensure that the print is executed to match the high standards of our designs. more information


P2 offers a complete packaging design service for your product. We help with everything from concept to print. Packaging design needs to be unique, to ensure it stands out on the shelf. Eye-catching products will grab the consumer’s attention and generate commitment. We design innovative packaging that is inline with your branding. Only a well-designed package will ensure your product gets the opportunity to shine, be tried and purchased again and again.  view case study


Having evocative and beautiful images is crucial to building your brand. You can communicate in a second what would have taken a full page. Our photos catch the eye and get people clicking. Our clean professional photography makes your online or print presence appealing and welcoming to clients. We create engaging imagery that can be used throughout your marketing channels. Show your viewer who you are, what your business is, and why they should choose you. Our photographers can help you document your next event, finished projects or product. We ensure we provide imagery that helps you build your brand and is versatile. This will help you to use photographs across your marketing outlets. Using one of our photographers means dealing with creatives who understand how important a consistent brand appeal is. more information